Central Vietnam 3 Days Tour (Hoi An – Da Nang)

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Vietnam. If you will only have a few days to stay, you will surely miss a lot of tourist spots. But, if you are coming back again, it will be a great opportunity for you to see all the tourist attractions in the Central part of Vietnam. In the central part of Vietnam, you will find a simple city called, Da Nang. From there, going to other tourist spots will be more accessible by car or by bus.

As a tourist, you can book your preferred schedule and activities online. You can find a travel agency with tour guides, who can speak English. Your holiday packages will then sound better than going to different spots like having an adventure. It is still best to move around in a foreign country with native guides. In such way, you can understand better about Vietnam’s tourist attractions. Moving around the Central Vietnam, you can choose a private or group tour. You can explore the place by bus, by car or by boat.

Central Vietnam tour
On your first day, it will be good to explore the beauty of the Cham Island, which is just 30 minutes far from the town of Hoi and that is traveling by a speedboat. It will be best to start leaving as early as 7:00-7:30 in the morning, so that you can arrive early at the Cua Dai harbor. Upon arrival at the Lang village, you will visit some spots at the boat shelter, the Hai Tang Pagoda, fishing villages and to the local market. You will also explore the Marine Protected Area of the island. Continue reading “Central Vietnam 3 Days Tour (Hoi An – Da Nang)” »